Corporate Development Services
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Corporate Development Services

Typically, Corporate Development implies dealing with a larger corporate entity while Business Development is directed at smaller, growing firms. However, we believe Corporate Development is essential for any and all businesses. Why? Because wherever you are with your business there is always another mountain to climb. If you are a start-up then it’s about mapping the way. If you are well established its about fighting complacency with innovation. You cannot stand still, you are either advancing or retreating, in business and in life.

We help you build on your successes, counter any weaknesses and help you learn from your mistakes.

Whatever stage your business is in you will typically require a degree of focused energies on such core activities such as sales and marketing, how to reach and win new customers, find new markets and stand out from the crowd to increase your market share. Other areas of concern include partnerships, project management, budget analysis and vendor coordination. All things vital for the overall health of your organization.

Then there are the more “big picture” issues, equally important but more in the range of long-term goals and objectives. Research and development of new products and services as well as phasing out or spinning off older or underperforming ones. Identifying potential partners for joint ventures and strategic alliances. Other firms require monitoring of their assets and intellectual properties. Of course, there is inevitably some turnover with the management team, whether it’s due to underperformance or leaving for other opportunities. Regardless of the reason, finding the right person for any executive level position is vital for continuity and peak performance.

While that certainly is a long list of To Dos it need not be an overwhelming burden. Our ,Corporate Development Advisors are adept at helping craft a plan that is specific to your business based on your industry and stage of development. Having a short-term and long-term plan allows you to know where to put energies and efforts. How to win the day and prepare for tomorrow. Of course, any plan must always be open to adjustments when the inevitable bumps in the road occur. Knowing what your priorities are helps to navigate the obstacles and stay on course. Easier said than done but it’s all about having a plan for corporate development and working it.

If you are seeking a long-range vision or a short-term shot in the arm, we are here to help give a fresh perspective on your company goals and development.